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For Profesionals

Launch Therapy provides a range of supports for clinicians, managers and professionals. 

Team Supervision

Group Supervision

Individual Supervision

Education and Learning

Mental Health Occupational Therapy: 

Clinicians are welcomed with a safe, reflective and supportive environment to continue their journey as an Occupational Therapist and growing their knowledge and skills in the mental health field. Supervision is aimed to support clinicians to understand their clients and families with a focus on meaningful occupation at the heart of all engagement from assessment, to intervention, to ending sessions. 

Systemic Family Therapy:

Systemic family therapy is a clinical framework that brings a high level of reflection about how systems work around an individual and family, clinicians and teams. 

Systemic family therapy supervision provides a safe, reflective space to explore dilemmas and challenges that arise. Exploring strengths and resources in a system, understanding 'self in the system', and developing a position when working within a system for optimal movement and intervention. 

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