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Launch Therapy for Young People & Families

Launch Therapy is committed to helping young people and families find their path forward when challenges arise. 

At Launch Therapy, we understand that life is full of change. At times, this change can feel overwhelming or challenging. We look at the challenges from a unique lens by considering relationships, and the wider system around the person to find strengths and solutions. 

Your challenges are unique but you are not alone in your life experience. 

We aim to support young people and their families to function to their greatest potential and find their 'meaning'. We will help you set goals that are based on what is important for you, and use our extensive experience in many therapeutic techniques to help you achieve those goals. 

Why an Occupational Therapist?

Occupational Therapy was founded within mental health settings. This evidence-based profession has a strong philosophy for supporting engagement in meaningful activities and 'occupations'. We know that through 'doing' we find healing and health.  This philosophy helps to focus on meaningful goals, using a range of specialised interventions.

Why a Family Therapist?

Systemic family therapists view concerns in the context of relationships within the family and wider system (school, community etc). By seeing the world with this lens, difficulties are not thought about as an individual problem, but something that is complex and has multiple angles which we can work with. 

For Young People & Families: About Therapy
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